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  Welcome to CHALKmagnet®...the home of the CHALKmagnet ROM.10 chalk holder receiver and "receiver-ready" chalk.  The CHALKmagnet magnetic receiver is assembled with 100% metal components, a polished stainless steel clip and two nickel-plated magnets. The two 1.25" diameter n52 neodymium disc magnets are stacked in unison and serve as the landing base. The two magnets provide 20 pounds of pull force that will pull the chalk from the fingers as the chalk is passed over the quarter-inch-thick magnetic base. The entire landing base is magnetic, including the sides of the base. The magnetic sides of the base provide additional holding power. The magnets are fully exposed for maximum performance. This CHALKmagnet receiver is a true two-magnet receiver and is assembled by hand, one at a time right here in The USA.

     For convenience and maintaining the natural feel of holding a piece of chalk, we have retrofitted the chalks we sell with a magnet. The chalk and magnet are held encased in place with a strong yet thin polyolefin plastic cover. This arrangement eliminates the need for a chalk holder. Different shaped magnets are used and are rated between n48 to n50. The magnet and plastic covering attached to the chalk is not reusable and should be considered disposable and discarded along with the chalk. For those that would prefer using a reusable chalk holder, a chalk holder with a reversible magnet will work with the CHALKmagnet receiver. If using a chalk holder with a fixed position magnet, the chalk holder's magnet will work with the CHALKmagnet only if the chalk holder's magnet is positioned with the North Pole polarity facing outward.          

     We have placed in our inventory some popular brands of "receiver-ready" chalk and will add additional brands as requests are received.



  Features & Benefits

CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Receiver

Utilizes two 20 lb. pulling force n52 magnets in a Compact Size 

The strongest pull force rated chalk receiver available

Magnetic sides of the receiver prevent the chalk from being brushed off onto the floor 

Compatible with any chalk holder with a reversible magnet 

All lettering is Laser Engraved

No parts to wear out

 Stainless Steel & Nickel Plated Parts


CHALKmagnet ROM.10 Receiver & Quikoin® Storage Case








How To Determine a Chalk Receiver's Magnetic Polarity

    The way to determine a chalk receiver's magnet polarity is very simple. You will need a compass.  Place the chalk receiver on its edge facing towards the compass about 2-4 inches away. If the compass's arrow faces North towards your receiver, your receiver is a South Pole (+) receiver and is attracted to a North Pole (-) side of another magnet. Your South Pole (+) receiver will work with our retrofitted chalks. Our chalks have their North Pole (-) facing outward.                                                                                                                                                                                                           










All of the chalk brands, trademarks featured or mentioned, or referred to are the properties of their respective copyright or trademark holders.

Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer

CHALKmagnet® is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the chalk brands we retrofit with magnets.



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