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CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Chalk Holder Receiver

CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Chalk Holder Receiver

CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Chalk Receiver and Quikoin® RECEIVER Storage Case:

The CHALKmagnet ROM 10. receiver is made of three components; a clip, made of polished 302 stainless steel and two 1.25" X .125" diameter neodyminium n52 rated magnets. The two nickel plated n52 magnets are stacked and work in unison, serving as the landing base for the chalk.The  magnets produce 20 lbs. of pull force that will pull the chalk from the fingers as the chalk is passed over the base. The entire base surface and sides are magnetized. The CHALKmagnet receiver is the strongest pulling chalk holder receiver being manufactured today. It will stay in place when attached, yet attaches very easy to a front pocket or more favored back pocket position. If preferred, the receiver can also be used by placing it inside of a front or back pant pocket. We guarantee you that you will not be spending time anymore looking for your chalk.





ROM 10. CHALKmagnet

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