CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Chalk Receiver

CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Chalk Receiver

CHALKmagnet® ROM.10 Chalk Receiver and Quikoin® Storage Case: This listing is for the CHALKmagnet ROM.10 Chalk Receiver and Quikoin® Storage Case, now being made available for players that have a magnetic chalk holder and need only the chalk receiver. The CHALKmagnet will work with any magnetic chalk holder with a reversible magnet or a holder's magnet that is placed in a fixed position with its "North Pole (-)" facing outward. If you are not sure about your magnet's position, please study the compass and magnet photo (2nd Photo) that show the correct North (-) and South (+) polarities of the receiver and magnet fitted chalk. Using a compass you will be able to determine if your chalk holder or chalk with magnet is compatible with the CHALKmagnet receiver with its magnets arranged with the South (+) pole facing outward.                                                                                                                                                                           The CHALKmagnet receiver is made of Chrome Plated Stainless Steel and measures 2 1/8" (54mm) X 1.25" (31.75mm). It has been outfitted with two n52 rated magnets working in unison. The CHALKmagnet ROM.10 receiver produces 20 lbs. of magnetic force and creates the strongest pull of any chalk holder receiver being manufactured today. The model ROM.10 will stay in place when attached, yet attaches very easy to a waistband, front and more favored back pocket position. We guarantee you that you will not be spending time anymore looking for your chalk.



Part No. ROM.10.Q.C.



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