"Receiver-Ready" Kamui® Roku 6 Sky Blue Chalk

"Receiver-Ready" Kamui® Roku 6 Sky Blue Chalk

Kamui® Roku 6 Sky Blue, "Receiver-Ready" *Chalk with Chalk Tin. This chalk has been retrofitted with a clear polyolefin plastic cover and 1" diameter magnet. The Original Serial Numbered Packaging and a Chalk Tin are included. This magnet and cover have been designed to last for the chalk's useful tenure of use. The chalk and magnet are disposable, just like the Bic® lighter and pen. Use it and discard it along with the chalk. Reminder: Do not remove the plastic covering. The cover is not removable or reusable and the magnet is not reversible. The magnet is positioned with the North Pole (-) facing outward and will work with any receiver having a magnet with its South Pole polarity facing outward.



Part No. ISA.KR6             



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