"Receiver-Ready"of Predator® 1080 Chalk "Priced & Sold in Pairs"

"Receiver-Ready"of Predator® 1080 Chalk "Priced & Sold in Pairs"

Predator®1080 Chalk (Priced & Sold in Pairs) : This "Receiver-Ready" chalk has been retrofitted with a clear polyolefin plastic cover and encased 1" diameter magnet. This magnet and cover have been designed to last for the chalk's usable tenure of use. The chalk and magnet are disposable, just like the Bic® lighter and pen. Use it and discard it along with the chalk. Reminder: Do not remove the plastic covering. The chalk's magnet is positioned with the North Pole (-) facing outward and will work with any receiver having a magnet with its South Pole (+) polarity facing outward.                                                                                                        

Part No. Pred.1080



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